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“I came to Jesus Burgers after I realized alcohol had consumed me. I would try to stop drinking, but couldn’t escape it. I sat and watched as those around me were doing the same thing I was the night before. That night I spend at Jesus Burgers began my walk with God as I made the decision to dedicate my life to Him. I was no longer bound by sin, as he instantly changed my desires. I experienced freedom for the first time.


“After living a lifestyle of parties, alcohol, and women, one night I ran into a bunch of people at a house passing out burgers for free. This place was called the Jesus Burgers House. They were not trying to make me a project, they were simply extending kindness and love. After that, I fell to my knees and gave my life to Jesus.”


Senior Pastor of the Garden Church in Long Beach, California. 

“The constant indulgence of the world’s pleasures captured my passions until my college years, when God introduced me to Jason Lomelino and Isla Vista Church through Jesus Burgers. Through Jesus Burgers, the course of my life was drastically changed, and I began the journey of becoming the man of God I am today.”



Jesus Burgers began in 2001 in the city of Isla Vista, California. It has now turned into a movement in cities and college campuses across America.

Every Friday night during the school year, 200 hamburgers are served from the Jesus Burgers house located on one of the most infamous party streets in America, Del Playa. The Jesus Burgers house and ministry has become known through the city of Isla Vista as a home of love and peace to a city that many have viewed as a modern Sodom and Gomorrah.

Isla Vista consists of around 25,000 people in a one square mile. It is adjacent to the University of Santa Barbara (UCSB) and has ranked consistency at th stop of the best party schools in America every year.

Now, 15 years later and close to 100,000 hamburgers given away, we stand in complete awe of God’s faithfulness and the countless lives that have been touched and impacted by simple acts of love.



People often ask, “Why do you give burgers away for free?” The answer to this question is always simple and easy,  “… because Jesus loves you.”

At Jesus Burgers, we do whatever it takes for people to understand the love of God. That may look like walking people home who have had too much to drink, allowing someone to use our bathroom, giving them a cup of water, or listening and praying for them. God’s love is real, Jesus Burgers is a demonstration of that.



It has been said that light shines the brightest in the darkest.

Isla Vista has had many dark moments over the years, the latest being the 2014 shooting massacre, leaving 7 dead.

In a city like “never-never land,” the parties are constant and the needs of our city are always before us. Our focus has always been on seeking the light, while also acknowledging the spiritual warfare that is very real in our city. The need for Jesus is very great.



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