The Burger Blessing

It all begins with worship
A fragrant aroma of your name
Upper room doesn’t leave you the same
We dance, you romance our souls
Get overflowed with your presence
To go out
You name we shout
Not with words or noisy babble
But with action
Blessings and burgers
Divine appointments of street corners marked with chalk
Herds of humans to who you talk
The bounty of blessings
The warmth of the fire
It is here you unleash our hearts desire
To see your kingdom come
The captives released
Pain and sorrow ceased
A speck of Gold falls of Del Playa pavement
Your cross was the payment
For sins found on these streets
But here in the darkness you greet us
Streets paved with gold
Stories left untold
A simple start,
Through burgers and blessings
Lord, you’ve changed our hearts

Instrumental music By Bethel Worship
Poem By Hope Curran


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